Is your little munchkin graduating this week? Here are some ideas for the perfect present

Most parents and their children are looking forward to this week when kindergarten schools will be graduating their pre-unit classes. This means that the young students are ready to officially start their primary school education.

As the happy day approaches, many parents do not know the best gift to give the little ones who have endured early mornings, homework and done their best to get to the end of the school year successfully. Some parents made great promises thinking that this day would never come! Now that the day is here, they do not know where to get the best presents.

If you have not yet made up your mind on the ideal present for your child, you can use the list below to help you. I got the list from a group of women who were desperately trying to brainstorm on the best presents for their children as they graduate from pre-unit to class one.

While choosing presents you may want to consider their taste and preferences or risk your gift getting only a half-hearted appreciation. You should also consider several presents before settling on one to ensure that you get the best bargain. Whatever you buy or the activity you choose for the day should also be memorable.


Okay, I had to start with this one because I love parties and I am hoping to land myself an invite to one. Having a party gives you the chance to show your little one how proud you are of their achievements in front of your loved ones. It will also give them a chance to mingle with their age mates. You can either have the party in your home or have one at a restaurant with just a few invited guests.  

If you choose the latter route you should look for a kid-friendly restaurant that does not sell alcoholic drinks because some parents may not feel comfortable bringing their kids to such a place. It should also offer games for kids such as bouncing castles, slides and so on. Do not forget to have a prior look at the menu being offered for the buffet to ensure that it will be favorable to your guests.

2. Kids tablet

If your child loves computer games they will really appreciate a tablet and this should be the kids’ version that is programmed with all the best and age-appropriate games. You can get the tablets easily in both online and offline shops. You can also download educative materials from the internet as well and they can really help your child.

3.Congratulations card and cake

Everybody loves cake and your child will certainly feel appreciated for a job well done when you come home with their favorite cake. While many people seem to really like the black forest cake, you can have a twist this time to make it more interesting. You can ask your baker to include several flavors or to make it in the form of their favorite cartoon character. If you want a celebration and do not have much money to invite many people you can always bring a cake and a card home.

  1. Favorite music instrument

If your child is talented in music you can reward them with a musical instrument or take them for music lessons. Learning to play the instrument or going for music lessons will also help to keep them busy over the holidays.

5.Favorite toys

Favorite Toys can really help you and will be memorable to the young child as well. They can range from a brick set, electric train set, bicycle, and a doll to a cooking set and so on. You can also buy teddy bears and their favorite cartoon characters. These should also keep them busy for a long time.

6.Game drive/Nature Walk

Kenya is home to the most beautiful national and game parks that can really appeal to a young mind. It will be so interesting for them to see the animals they only see in books come to life right before their eyes. The charges at the parks are very affordable and you can actually pay for several members of the family or their friends to make it more interesting.

Apart from the national parks you can also go and watch the waterfalls, mountains and so on. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city to quiet areas can really help to relax them after a whole term of being in school. Conversely, if you live in the rural areas you always bring them to the city for a change of pace and the excitement that comes with living in the city

 7. Favorite books

Some kids are avid readers and enjoy storybooks or colorful books with Bible stories. Such books can keep them busy over the holidays as well. There are also some great series of books with a common storyline that they can enjoy over a long time. Some are so interactive and will require the child to answer some questions or color the characters in the story as well.


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