6 Hair growth stimulating nutrients that you include in your diet

Nutrition and hair growth vitamin C

Hair growth requires nutrient rich blood to nourish the scalp and hair follicles. Hair grows about half an inch a month. It is normal to shed about 100 strands of hair a day. However, some people experience more hair loss than is normal. Stunted hair growth is a problem among many African women.

Craving Yellow, a blog dedicated to natural hair care is proof that African hair of any texture from Nubian silk to course, can grow to waist length. In there are hair care regimens followed to the letter and religiously so to do maximum hair length.

However, before taking care of the outside, we must nourish the inside. A healthy and nutrient rich diet helps stimulate hair growth and restoration.

nutrition and wild hair growth
African hair can grow to extreme length

Here are essential nutrients for hair growth:

Hair loss is a sign of zinc deficiency . A zinc loaded diet is a sure way to stimulate the scalp. It is paramount, for hair growth, to consume more dairy. Zinc is found in the highest quantities in dairy products. Drinking more milk, yogurt and taking mire cheese will help cut hair loss and so remedy stunted growth problems. For those that are lactose intolerant, cocoa powder, cashew nuts, broccoli, pumpkins, sea weed, oysters and sun flower seeds are also a perfect alternative for zinc.

Oatmeal is the best source for biotin. Biotin is a type of Vitamin B that stimulates production of Keratin, the protein which hair is made of. A diet rich in Biotin will in time result in longer and healthier looking hair. Other sources of Biotin are egg-yolks and cauliflower.
Other essential B Vitamins used along with Biotin can speed up hair restoration. These are folic acid, thiamine and riboflavin.

nutrition and hair growth oat meal
Nutrition and hair growth

Iron stimulates blood flow to the scalp and thus stimulates the hair follicles. A diet rich in iron will improve the growth of and appearance of your hair. Iron rich foods include apricots, liver, spinach, soy bean, berries, dried fruit and oysters. Eating such foods everyday will greatly reduce abnormal hair loss as blood and oxygen flow freely to the scalp stimulating hair follicles.

Vitamin C
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) helps in absorption of minerals to the blood stream. When iron is absorbed into the bloodstream, then blood flows freely, with oxygen, to the scalp. Blood flow in the scalp stimulates hair follicles.
Vitamin C sources include, tomatoes, oranges, lemons, cantaloupe, green peppers, broccoli, grape fruit, potatoes and asparagus.

Nutrition and hair growth vitamin C
Nutrition and hair growth vitamin C

Vitamin E
Vitamin E keeps the scalp in good condition for hair growth. Vitamin E deficiency contributes to hair loss. Eat avocados, almonds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts and sun flower seeds for Vitamin E. Olive oil is also another excellent source of vitamin E. It stimulates hair follicles when ingested – as a salad dressing for example- or even when applied on the scalp.

Nutrition and hair growth avocado
Nutrition and hair growth avocado

A Hydrated scalp stimulates hair growth. A minimum of eight glasses of water a day will give you nourished and healthy looking hair. This is because water hydrates the body and helps regulate the circulatory system which feed the hair follicles. This in turn stimulates hair growth.

 Nutrition and hair growth- water
Nutrition and hair growth water

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