6 Business Ideas For Kids

Do you get frustrated when your child constantly demands new things? You may not be able to afford everything they ask for, however there are ways around this. It is a great idea to teach them how to save money though more often than not their savings will be coming from your pocket. One of the best ways for children to learn how to manage money is for them to earn and be responsible for their own money. Here are a few business ideas that will help your child become a young entrepreneur.

Your child can make and sell crafts; for example crocheted hats, gloves and scarves. Kids who have an eye for fashion can find jewellery making a rewarding and profitable business. It doesn’t have to be a complex piece with expensive precious stones. They can use beads, wood and plastic. These items are easily available in supermarkets and craft stores. If you can, consider renting a stand at a holiday craft fair.

Gift wrapping is a marketable skill, nearly indispensable during the holiday season. Most people normally just give gifts in paperbags straight from the gift shop or supermarket. With Christmas just around the corner it would be a great idea for your child to wrap gifts for a small fee. It doesn’t have to be the store-bought wrapping paper and ribbons. Handmade wrapping paper is simple to make and will give your gifts an authentic feel and will help develop your child’s craft-making skills.

Greeting cards employ several creative and technical skills – poetry, visual art and layout. If your child is good with the computer or can deftly craft fascinating works of art, you can encourage him or her to make cards for greeting cards for special occasions, such as birthdays and holidays. There is always a huge market for greeting cards and your child can profit from designing them.

Despite the recent government ban on holiday tuition, a lot of children are still being sent back to school for long, almost torturous hours of holiday tuition. If your child is exemplary in a subject, you should encourage him or her to assist their fellow students or those slightly below them. Its more helpful this way as they would understand each others problems with more empathy than a teacher would, considering the fact that they are relatively age-mates and will communicate easily without fear of reprimand. It will also help your child with their studies so its a win-win situation for everyone.

Teenager tutoring a young boy
Teenager tutoring a young boy

Eventually your child will outgrow the toys that you have bought for them over the years. Instead of tossing them out into the trash you can encourage them to sell them. There are several online platforms you can use to sell used goods such as OLX Kenya and Kaymu.com. If not online there are boot sales that take place, where Kenyans come together in a field or parking lot and sell commodities from the back of their cars. They happen regularly and are a good place to sell unwanted goods and clothing.

If you have the space, it is quite easy to grow your own garden. Some vegetables and herbs are quick and easy to grow and require little or no gardening experience. Your child can develop a green thumb by growing veggies and legumes, and even flowers in little pots to sell for profit.

Remember, it’s never too early for children to learn about managing money, and if they earn their own money, they will have a vested interest in the process.


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