What if We Heard the Side of His Other Woman First Before Reacting?

She gets most if not all the attention nowadays, you have noticed the late night chats, incessant calls, secret smiles as he reads texts from the other woman. He pays more attention to his clothes and general appearance all to please the other woman.

She might also be the reason why the financial tap has suddenly run dry for you and you are tempted to change his name to I don’t have. He may also be rude to you, rush outside to make calls, compare you in all areas of your marriage or relationship and find you wanting.

All is not well and every instinct in your body is on red alert so you decide to do what any sane woman would do, snoop in his phone, laptop, car, smell his clothes and every other place that you can check. You ask his close friends about his lifestyle outside your house in a roundabout manner or even use their wives.

Some wives and girlfriends have been known to stalk their better halves to their local bars or those that they frequent out of town. Did you know that there are women go actually go out of their way to hack the phones and emails of their spouses?

Word on the street is that even our very own National Intelligence Service (NIS) and Criminal Investigation Department have nothing on a woman who smells a rat.

After the investigation, you find out there is another woman in the picture and your actions from this point may leave someone in a morgue, in a hospital or with devastating consequences such as losing their job or their good reputation.

We have all heard of stories of women who will hide around a corner with acid and pour it on the faces of the other woman in their man’s life, destroying their face for life. There are those who will think nothing of sending you to your maker by hiring thugs to kill you.

They might choose a clean and quick death for you or ask the thugs to torture you by raping you and putting bottles into you.

The punishment for sleeping and hoarding their husbands or boyfriend can be so painful, sadist and may also include coming to your place of work and creating a scene just to make you lose your job. Some may even leave their children there with the other woman and not think anything about it.

Now before you accuse me of condoning infidelity, you need to know exactly for whom I am playing devil’s advocate. I am not talking about the women who knowingly set out to date other peoples men while having a blind eye on their marital or relationship status.

This post does not speak for women who use charms, witchcraft and other forms of manipulations to get your man.

I am talking about the innocent woman who has been going to her prayer closet every day to pray for a good man and the devil somehow heard that prayer and brought for her one that belongs to another woman.

That innocent impressionable intern at a company who is charmed by several coffee dates and outings in four- star and five- star hotels by a more experienced man who is clever enough to remove his ring every time he is in the office and return it when he reaches his home.

There are those women who honestly did not know that your man has a family and was in fact, dreaming of making their own with your man.

There is also another group that is probably the tragic of them all who is told of how you are soon divorcing. He swears, that you, his wife that he married with many cows are a witch who bewitched him into marrying him.

some men lie that you trapped them into marriage and they married you for the sake of their child. He does not love you and you sleep in separate rooms. He will insist that you sleep in separate bedrooms regardless of the fact that you give birth every other year.

The women are told that he just married you for his family that only his mother loved you and he does not want to disappoint his aging mother or worse incur her wrath by sending you away.

In some instances, the women are actually threatened that they will be sacked and when they think of their poor families or their single mother status just give in out of desperation.

What about the special men who will totally deny your existence and lie that you are their sister in the cute Facebook photos that you will tag them that include your cute children.

They will even throw in a sob story of how they take care of their sister who was left by a deadbeat dad and paint a picture of themselves as saints, uuuuuu it’s the kind of stuff that makes you want to jump off building right?

I advocate for the other woman who did not know about your marriage or those that were manipulated in one way or another. For the sake of these women, I pray that you call them before taking action that could hurt them.

I pray that you will listen to them objectively without judging their weave or nails, therefore finding more reasons to hate them. I also pray that they will be candid in their explanation and hopefully accept to leave your marriage alone. Those that refuse to or that are rude to you are fair game.

Remember, however, to be very careful as you plan the next step so that it does not land you in jail which might cause your children to suffer and cause everyone involved untold suffering.

You might set out to beat or injure the other woman who may also make mince meat of you which will cost you. Worse yet, you may end up dead because some of these women play to win and may make plans of their own to eliminate you, using all means necessary.

I would advise counseling for yourself if you feel like walking out and away for the mess or counseling for both of you if you want to patch things up.

Some may try talking with elders or the spouses may just opt for working out their problems on their own. I am not a relationship expert but honestly, there are women who are paying heavy prices for accepting to be in relationships with men who do not have good intentions for them and are out for just a good time.

As I sleep riddle me this, why do women go to great lengths to punish the other woman and leave the man who made vows to them in front of God and man?

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