5 Ways to have an Affordable Christmas

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The Christmas festivities are upon us, again. Every year we look forward to this time but at the same time we dread it, financially at least. We all want our children to experience Christmas like we did back then. All fun and the entire family together in one place, but we have to admit it has not been easy in our time. The economy is not what it used to be. Well, how can we manage to give our Christmas experiences to our children and others? Here are some of the things that could work for you.

Make the Christmas decorations with your children.
This could be a great way to bond with them. Making Christmas decorations from materials that are readily available is a good way to sharpen your children’s skills and learn their talents.
For instance, you could make the Christmas banner from manila paper. Cut several pieces for each letter of “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. They should be large enough to be seen from a far, then the letters can be painted or drawn on using crayons.

Prepare early for Christmas
This maybe late for Christmas this year but it is still early for next year. Preparing early means you save money for the products you need for the festivity. During this time everything is expensive, but before and after, everything is cheaper. Especially after, most vendors want to get rid of stock and would rather sell it at a throw away price than let them get spoilt in the store.

Plan the festivity’s party at home
I know it is the norm for most of us to go home during this time, but we have to look at things logically. Would you rather go to the countryside and have a bad start the following year or stay at your house and have an affordable party? It is hard to change tradition but with this economy, we cannot risk it. The money for the countryside and all the shopping required could be used to prepare an affordable Christmas party at your house for you and your children. This will also allow you to have a stress free holiday and one to remember. A Small get together of friends and family that could not make it would be good. Share the costs making a great party and easy on the pocket for all of you.

Budget for the festivity
Another option would be to have a separate account to save for the Christmas festivity. This will give you the freedom to do whatever your budget allows you to. Make sure to stay within the budget. Budget plus smart shopping (shopping when things are cheaper) guarantees you better savings and better Christmas.

Make gifts instead of buying
There is no need to break the bank buying everyone gifts, but that doesn’t mean you disappoint people in the Christmas spirit. You could budget and get your kids what they wanted and make your friends and other family members some pocket friendly gifts. For instance making a picture frame for the captured memories, make Christmas cards (you can personalize them, better than an ordinary gift).

Some of these points are extensively discuss in articles to come. But as you enjoy your holiday, enjoy it with less stress and usher in the New Year without wrinkles.

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