5 reasons why we like the new Infinix Hot 2

The Infinix hot 2

The Infinix hot 2
The Infinix Hot 2 phone was launched in the Kenyan market at the beginning of this month. It is  the first smartphone on the Android One program in Africa. It enable all users enjoy the latest version of Android with guaranteed software upgrades after release, premium hardware specifications and a wide range of customized apps.

Our friends at Infinix were generous enough to give us one of the phones to look at and say what we thought of it.

Here are 5 reasons why we like the new Infinix Hot 2

1. Its the 1st official Android One product in Africa

Android One is a line of consumer electronics devices that run the Android Operating System. It is a standard created by Google for Android systems, mainly targeted at people buying their first smartphone, and customers in the developing world.

The Infinix is the first phone launched in the African Market under the Android one line. It combines the best of the latest Android operating system with some good hardware and for the right price.

2. It comes with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop with prompts for new updates
Very few phones launched in the African/Kenyan market come with the latest flavor of the Android operating system. The Infinix runs on the this and has been configured to constantly seek updates, this is a feature that one can switch  off it the prompts prove too much

3. It has a trendy design & supports dual sim
Coming in 6 colours, the Infinix hot is a well designed phone with a 5 inch high density screen and a shiny glossy finish.  It also has a solid design and does not seem as delicate as other designs  from rival brands within the same range.
Like a lot of Infinix phones, the Hot 2 comes with a support for dual mini sim support for those with more than one line.

4. It comes with some decent storage & processing speed
With the storage capacity of 16 GB, that is sufficient for photos, videos, whats app image & video downloads. The

5. The cost is quite  affordable
For all the features it comes with, the retail cost of Ksh. 8,999/- which is a great deal based on current market rate for phones within this range.


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