Here are the 5 best places to shop for carpets in Kenya

Well, the holidays are here with us again and so far the children have exhausted the first of their two months at home. The adults will start getting their time away from work this month according to how many leave days they accumulated during the year, if they were lucky enough to get the month of December for their leave days or how long their organization will remain closed for the holidays.

If you are home it means that you are likely to have many visitors coming over and a home makeover may be necessary in case there has been any wear and tear. Carpets and rugs in the home are among the items that may need a facelift. When going out to buy a carpet you may need to consider factors such as durability which relates to thickness, the fiber that was used to make it and the way it was constructed.

You should also consider stain resistance and this means that the ideal carpet should be able to repel stains. Price is another important consideration as you do not want to spoil the Christmas budget which includes many other things. You should be on the lookout for stylish carpets that may cost much.

There are different types of carpets and they include the plush textured which are stiff but do not show vacuum marks or footprints. The plush Saxony are soft and bear an attractive shine while the Berber have looped fibers, multicolors and are quite durable. You can also buy the ones with a design printed on the fibers or the level cut loop which are a cross between the plush and Berber, creating a pattern inside. There are also the Frieze and shaggy carpets which are the loose type and seem to be a favorite of many households in Kenya.

Some of the other factors to consider include the softness and feel of the carpet, its look and style and for the latter you should consider the space in the room, other room furnishings, targeted overall feel and future plans as well as carpet pad and underlayment.

  1. Kamukunji stores   

Kamukunji is fast becoming the home of all household items known to man. They range from utensils, beddings, and many other items among the carpets. Here, you will find carpets in various sizes and styles. Some shops may offer you a payment plan where you pay by installments and then pick your carpet when you are done with the payments. It is advisable to visit more than one shop so as to get the best prices and designs. They also offer wholesale prices to those who wish to buy several pieces as well.

  1. Tile and Carpet centre

The tile and carpet centre has been around for many years and they are known for their stylish pieces. The prices are however, fixed and you cannot do much bargaining. You can find the Tile and carpet centre on Mombasa Road

  1. Eastleigh /Garissa Lodge

Garissa lodge in Nairobi is also among the best places that one can buy the carpets. They have a good turnover of carpets as they bring them in after every two weeks. They also have discounts on a regular basis and you can get whatever you want. For those who may like carpets for their corridors, this is the best place to shop because they can cut in whatever length you want.

  1. Online carpet stores

The internet has made it easy to buy so many things and carpet stores have taken advantage of this platform as well. There are various shops that sell different carpets at various prices and you can get the ideal piece at the click of a button. Some of these online stores include Carpets Kenya, Sparkles Carpets & Households, Carpets and rugs as well as Top Carpets and Floors. Most of these online stores import their carpets and rugs from Turkey and other countries.


  1. Supermarkets

Most of the supermarkets in the major cities sell carpets in various styles and sizes. There are, however, no standard prices and you may have to visit different places and make comparison before making a decision on the best place to source this important household item.


  1. Flea markets

We have so many of them and they include Gikomba, Toi market, City Stadium and the various markets in the counties. If you like unique carpets this might be the best option for you as they bring in different pieces and they hardly look like other pieces sold by the person.

You may also need to be patient if you want to get pieces that might fit your home and go with the furnishings that you already have in your home. Since bargaining is allowed in these markets, you should not just buy from the first person you see, walk around and bargain to get the best deal.



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  1. 90shades Reply

    I feel like this article hasn’t told me anything. I’m window shopping for a carpet right now. So a little more info like price and quality would have been nice 🙁 I really like your page though. I don’t mean this with any bile whatsoever.

    • Editor Reply

      Hello 90Shades, your feedback has been well received. Thank you.

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