5 Attributes to consider before sharing your WiFi password with the househelp

I will start this post with a disclaimer; I do not think that our househelps are lesser human beings. I also do not advocate for the infringing of another person’s right to information and communication. With that in mind, I can say that times have really changed. The househelps we employ today are so different from the ones our mothers used to employ in the past.

First, they are no longer little naive girls brought from the village after their education came to an end. Now, thanks to free primary education more children enrol in school and continue with their studies with help from the community despite the poverty in their backyard.

Secondly, the law requires us to only hire eighteen-year-olds and this means we only have adults in our households.

With the increasing need to be connected to the internet, it is now common to find homes. Some rented homes also come already installed internet and as long as you have gadgets, you are good to go.

These are the homes in which the hired househelps will work.

In the spirit of allowing the househelps access information, some women have shared their WiFi passwords. However, according to a question recently posted online, the outcome was such a disaster. The complaints included poorly done work, mistreatment of kids, failure to consider the interests of other family members, bad content and so on.

It is easier to not share the password with our househelps and everyone is happy, right?

In my opinion, this will be throwing the baby with the bathwater. There are househelps who actually benefit from the internet, either by improving their work or learning a trade that will help them in their future.

Tips for sharing your WiFi Password

Therefore, for their sake, we advocate sharing the password with the househelp only if they exhibit the following attributes,

  1. Good time management skills    

Some househelps are very good at managing time but others are just poor at it, WiFi or no WiFi. Assess your househelp to know if she is the kind to complete their duties before sitting down to watch TV. If she is this type, trust her with the internet password because you are assured she knows the right time to watch her favourite programs on YouTube.

If she fails to prove themselves then just forget about it or else you have to do with burnt food, delayed meal, dirty kid and messy house as she laughs themselves silly on social media.

  1. Good judge of content    

Your househelp might be 18+ years old, which means she can watch anything she wants. But your child is not.

Since she will be spending much time with your children, you have to ensure that she does not expose them to pornographic or inappropriate content.

Some may not be very good judges when it comes to content suitable for your child. Talk to her about the best content for your child and include parent control features on some of the channels on your television.

  1. Considerate

Coming home to your child and the househelp squabbling over the remote control or TV programs is not a pretty sight, especially after a very busy day.

Ensure that your child gets time with the television to catch up on their favourite programs.  Your househelp should know that once she has had time with the programs and other gadgets, she might want to leave others to enjoy them as well.

  1. Trustworthy

Remember that the password is just for your household. However, this may not register with some househelps who may see nothing wrong in sharing it with neighbours, which will be unfair to you. Ensure that she is someone you can trust with everything and not just the password, even if it means staying with her for some time before allowing her to have the password.

  1. Tech Savvy

Do not buy into the idea that your househelp is tech-savvy just because she says so. She might not be as tech-savvy as she says she is and may spoil gadgets in your house. Let her practice as you watch and this should be repeated every time you buy something new for the house.




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