10 Video Streaming Services & alternatives to DSTV that Kenyans are exploring

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DSTV is one of the PayTV service providers operating in Kenya with a monopoly due its premium channels

In recent times, Multichoice Kenya has been on the receiving end of continued criticism by Kenyans online due to a surge in their subscription rates to their DSTV packages which most Kenyans feel is failure by the South Africa subsidiary to listen to consumer feedback. Many Kenyans confess that they rarely watch most of the channels offered in the various bouquets with many requesting Multichoice to come up with better bouquets that are more pocket friendly and essentially those that matter such as the sports channels.

The uproar following the increase of the premium package to KES 9,000 a few months ago saw Kenyans start a #BoycottDSTVKe hashtag to give their views and make their grievances known to the PayTV company that still seems to have a monopoly on the most sought after channels having secured exclusivity licenses to the most popular Football league matches under the Super Sport channels.

The hashtag prompted the MultiChoice Africa CEO Tim Jacobs to offer an explanation as to why Kenyans were paying much more than any other African country for the same service.

The hashtag came alive again 2 days ago following the launch of the Best Ni DSTV  holiday promotion that seeks to sell more decoders to Kenyans by slashing the cost of their equipment. Many wondered if Multichoice actually cares about its consumer’s dissatisfaction with their service offering as others made it clear that they were already seeking other alternatives.

As we have seen before, technology always surpasses laws and regulations as its ever fast changing. There is no denying that the future of TV and entertainment generally will all converge online through either Video on demand and video streaming services.

In Kenya, we are well in the nascent stages of a revolution in the online streaming space with the only inhibitors being access to fast reliable internet in most urban homes. That is why despite the fast growing middle class, most feel like DSTV is the only option out there. Well, this might not be for long.

ISPs and Telcos like Wananchi, JTL and Safaricom have in the last several years laid down fiber in most  parts of Nairobi and its environs. This has for the most part been to serve the business community although Wananchi through their Zuku Triple play service and JTL through their Faiba service are now providing their fiber network to residential homes in certain parts of Nairobi.

So, lets assume that you have been a DSTV die-hard subscriber and prefer watching the premier league in the comfort of your home but the new premium rate is not auguring well with you. Lets face it, there are a lot more things one can do with KES 10,000 apart from paying to watch several matches every month and honestly, there are alternatives. Whether these alternatives Kenyans are seeking are legit or not is not for us to tell you. Most of them are online and with the internet being the wild west, its up to you and your Internet Service Provider(ISP).

What are the best streaming video service alternatives  out there assuming you are in a neighborhood with good fiber connectivity or Zuku coverage?

PS. For setup of most of these services, having a buddy  with a good understanding of Tech (Hardware, Software & networks) will come in really handy

1. Netflix

If you’re a connoisseur of movies and/or TV, there’s only one game in town –Netflix. It is, unequivocally, the biggest streaming service in the States, despite not always stocking its digital shelves with must-have new movies and TV; that said, this is the staple streamer you need to own if you ever plan on cutting the cord.

Although the service is not available to the African market, there are ways of by-passing the geographical restrictions by using a proxy server service to fool Netflix into believe you are in the US, Your tech friend should help you out with this.

Price: Netflix streaming service starts at $9 a month for new customers. Netflix also offers a $12 “platinum plan,” which unlocks Netflix’s growing collection of 4K content, and expands the number of devices that can stream at once to four.

2. Hulu
Its the first website to legally offer a wide array of free TV shows, Hulu was founded by NBC and offers dozens of free TV series – both current and off-air broadcasts. Some of the TV shows offered includes: The Simpsons, Family Guy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Bones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The Office. Unfortunately, Fox and some other broadcasters have pulled some free shows from the list forcing you to upgrade to a paid version.

Price: Hulu has tons of free content that might satisfy the needs of the occasional TV watcher, but if you want access to Hulu’s full and regularly-updated library of current shows, a Hulu Plus subscription  costs $7.99 per month.

3. Kodi TV
Kodi™ (formerly known as XBMC™) is an award-winning free and open source (GPL) software media center for playing videos, music, pictures, games, and more. Kodi runs on Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet.

4. MobDro
MobDro enables you find free video streams online and enjoy them on your Android phone or tablet.

5. Sling TV
Sling is the newcomer to this bunch. Released in 2015 as a supplement to subscription sites like Hulu and Netflix, Sling will stream live TV from networks like ESPN, Comedy Central, AMC, and TNT. There’s no contract or cancellation fees.

6. Vudu
Vudu is Walmart’s pay-per-content store, Vudu has content comparable to what you’ll find on the YouTube or iTunes video marketplace. It’s a hodgepodge of movies and TV shows, but overall the content veers toward more feature-length movies.

Price: Vudu is a pay-per content store. Digital rentals typically start around $3.99, and go up from there depending on the video and audio quality you want. 1080p movies with Dolby Digital Plus surround usually go for $5.99

7. Primewire
PrimeWire is one of the leading sites to watch movies online without paying ridiculous theater prices. Below, is a list of free full movies. Watch Movies Online free on 1Channel, PrimeWire, LetMeWatchThis, G2G.FM, G2G, ITVMovie, SolarMovie.
Primewire allows you to watch free movies online in a legal way, they however do not host or upload video, film, music, media files. PrimeWire is absolutely legal and only contains links that lead you to free online content at other sites like Google Video, Youtube, 1Channel, LetMeWatchThis and others!

8. TubePlus
Tubeplus enables you Watch all the latest tv shows and blockbuster movies for free as well as a huge archive of past cinema and your favorite series.

9. Buni TV
Buni.tv is the leading Video On Demand platform for top African content showcasing the best movies, series, kids content and music videos from Africa and its diaspora. They have a range of free videos and you can subscribe to Buni+ to access the best full length African films, TV shows and more.

10. Iroko TV
Irooko TV is a web platform that provides paid-for Nigerian films on-demand. It is one of Africa’s first mainstream online movie steaming websites, giving instant access to over 5,000 Nollywood film titles. iROKOtv is a part of iROKO Partners which is one of Africa’s leading entertainment companies, housing brands such as iROKING, an online music platform and its YouTube website, Nollywoodlove.

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