10 reasons your makeup looks bad

Makeup has become the refuge of many women who may need to enhance their looks for one reason or another. For some, it’s a way of hiding their blemishes while others use it to hide or bring out some of their features that are not so impressive.

Some women just use makeup to enhance their dressing for various occasions. But despite the best intentions, things do go wrong and they end up getting the opposite of what they desired. This can make you the butt of jokes that will go on for years to come. So let us take a look at some of the mistakes we can avoid when using makeup,

  1. Failing to prep your skin beforehand

Most women have never heard of the words primer or moisturizer and they use makeup. It is advisable to use primer or moisturizer before applying your foundation. Failure to do this allows makeup to invade the pores, dry the skin and eventually cause breakouts.

Moisturizer and primer hydrate your skin, makes it smooth and prevent the foundation from having creases. You should apply the moisturizer or primer on your face, neck, along the hairline using clean hands. Wait three to five minutes for it to be absorbed into the skin before adding anything else.

  1. Rubbing foundation using your hands

Most women use their hands to rub foundation on their skin. This is not the right way to apply the makeup as it will cause it to settle in the pores of your skin and make everything you are trying to hide stand out. For a smooth and even look, you should pat the foundation on your face using a sponge.

  1. Wrong foundation for your skin tone

Most women have not mastered the exact tone of their faces and just go for the first foundation they come across. This leaves them walking around with two different colors for the same body. There will be distinct lines of demarcation between your chest, neck, and face. To get the right tone, you should swipe some of the foundation on your jawline to make it blend seamlessly.

  1. Using shimmer eye shadow as a base

Many women use eye shadow all over their eyelids but this is not advisable as it makes their faces look very puffy. This is especially because when highlighter to any parts of the face it brings them forward. Such areas include the nose, bridge, cheekbones and eyelids. The shadow base will do better with matte neutral shades or the colors that you majorly use n the eyelids. Matte shades make you eyes bigger by creating depth.


  1. Applying eye shadow directly into your crease

When applying the second eye shadow into the natural crease on the eyelids, many people do not realize that it makes their eyelids become smaller. This is because it decreases the surface area that is already covered by the base color. You should apply the deeper-colored eye shadow above the natural crease. This will create the illusion of bigger eyes.

  1. Fake eye lashes looking obvious

They scare me…actually fake lashes that dance above one’s eyes precariously can be quite scary to the person watching them. They are distracting as well because one will keep wondering if they will fall or not.

False lashes often go wrong and in case you are not going to the salon you should apply the lashes really close to your lash line and once they have dried up you can apply some liner over it. This will help in masking the place where the false lashes end and begin. Individual lashes look more natural

  1. Very bright concealers for hiding pimples

No one wants to walk around with a blow out of pimples on their face. Luckily, concealers are doing much to help such people. There are people who get the opposite effect what they wanted because of using it the wrong way. Using very light concealer will instead draw attention to the pimple.

  1. Applying lipstick before exfoliation

As aforementioned, all good makeup starts with some prep and when applying lipstick you should first stat by exfoliating. This will help remove any dead skins. You can use a damp towel or gentle scrub to exfoliate your lips. It is only then that you can start applying your favorite lipstick.

  1. Shunning lip liner

Although lip liner is disregarded in some quarters, its merits still stand out. It is not only good for layering but also helps to keep your lips moist. When you use your lipstick you should however, ensure that it matches the shade of your lipstick. You should use it to frame your lipstick and trace your lip line to prevent your lipstick from going outside of the lip liner.

  1. Choosing the wrong shade of lipstick

There are so many shades of lipsticks on our beauty shelves these days and it can be quite intimidating for beginners. There is the suit-all red and this can be worn by everyone and it can suit all occasions. Every woman should have it in their closet. You should ask for guidance from your beautician on the best lipstick for your skin tone. Dark people should, however, stay away from darker shades and use bright and neutral colors. Asians can also use the two. Very light-skinned people can use dark and some neutral shades.

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