10 Reasons to befriend your neighbours and not build a fortress around yourself

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours With a little 

With a little understanding, you can find a perfect friend,

Neighbours, should be there for one another 

That’s when good neighbors become good friends  

The above words are lyrics of one of the most recognizable theme songs in the world and they are for the long-standing Australian soap opera called Neighbours. If you grew up in the 90s then you know this program very well that used to grace our screens at 6.30 pm every evening.

Basically, it showed how the Robinsons, Clarkes, and Ramsay’s dealt with the various challenges of being neighbors and also managed to be good friends in the process. I know the words friends and neighbors cannot exist in the same sentence for some of us but as depicted in the program and also in real life experiences, it can be done.

Yeah, yeah I know your neighbors are snooty, nosy, big gossips, dirty, poach househelps and come with mannerless kids to boot. They annoy you when they take up the best parking space, pry into your affairs, fail to contribute to the salary of the shared security guard and blare loud music even with the full knowledge that there are babies in the complex.

Do you live in estates like Umoja where the guy upstairs just decides to hang their clothes in the afternoon after yours had just started drying after your general cleaning in the morning? Their clothes, which are sometimes colored, dirtify your clothes and if asked they are even more offended that you are and respond with harsh words.   Or the one who wakes up in the morning decides to take up all the hanging lines?

The above are signs of bad neighbors but on the flipside, there are also good ones who can eventually become good friends. Here are some reasons why you should befriend some good neighbors in the estate or complex.

  1. Watch out for your kids

I will start with my own experience when my domestic manager run away and left my six-months-old baby on the bed. It is my neighbor who came to the rescue of my little angel and stayed with, risking his interview at a very big company and that he had been eyeing. If it were not for him I do not know what would have become of my baby who had started crawling and could have harmed herself. So in case of bad househelps, they will be there to help your child until you come.

  1. Babysit for you

Still, on the subject of househelp, they can babysit for you in case a househelp decides to vanish into thin air until you get a good one.

  1. Keep an eye on your property

A friend narrated how they had traveled to their rural home and during the night, their neighbors heard some noise and called them. My friend told them that they had just locked the house because they were all away on the trip. Their neighbors realized that it thieves were breaking into the next house and started screaming while calling authorities. The thieves run away.


These days, people have build fortresses around themselves and you cannot know what is going on in their lives. However, in the past, we used to live in communities where you could rush to neighbors’ place to borrow some salt or some flour to enable you to finish making your Ugali in case you did not have enough flour. Some help us with extra utensils in case we are serving many guests and sometimes help us with the cooking.

5.Business Networking

Everyone is able to put food on their table courtesy of their job, hustle or both. Your neighbors may need the services you are offering and eventually tell others about what you do. This means more money in your pockets and who would not like to have their pockets heavy with money?

6.Chamas to improve finances

Once you have managed to gain a significant amount of trust for each other, you can come up with your own investment group or just a simple merry go round where you contribute money and give money to on person. That will not only help the members start together, but you will also be doing something constructive with your time.

7.Friends for your kids

Some of us were introduced to our best friends by our mothers and we have kept the friendships for decades! Having good friendships with your neighbors’ means that your children will also have friends and they can play together for a long time.

  1. Recommendations

After moving to a new neighborhood, you may not know the best places to buy groceries, worship, or the best school for your children. Through your friends, you can carry out due diligence on all of them and get the best for you and your kids.

  1. Support in bad times and good times

When bad times come, we all need a shoulder to lean on and this can be in the form of a trustworthy and caring neighbor who will let you unburden yourself to her. When people lose their loved ones neighbors also come together to contribute some money and some foodstuffs to help her with the funeral arrangements.

During times of sickness, some neighbors will help with house chores, feeding your kids, giving you medication and so on.   When you have a birthday you can count on your neighbors to finish all the food in the house but they will bring presents as well. During weddings, they will also help with planning and may agree to host a few relatives for you as well.

  1. General Tips on Life

Some people are naturally good cooks, salonists, have a great fashion sense, or can help you with great tips to save money. Such people can be your next door neighbors and you can learn so much from them.

I am yet to see a perfect relationship including those between mothers and their children. So what of neighbors who just met in the estate? Your relationship, just like other types of relationships may need some work but with a little understanding you can be good if not best friends




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