10 Ideal Daycare Centers within Nairobi

10 most ideal daycare Centers in Nairobi


For those of you who have been to different daycare centers based in different estates, have you ever noticed the disparity? Well, the thing is, other than the entrepreneur’s desire for what they want the facility to be, the eventual outlook largely reflects the kind of customers they target. Most importantly, daycare operators know their market, and their markets largely contribute to how they determine their pricing and the facilities they have!

Factors to consider when choosing a DayCare
It’s quite a challenging task to determine the best daycare. However, there are certain indicators, factors and standards that help define this.

First of all, professionalism prevails in these daycare centers. The set-up is hierarchical and it’s quite apparent that everyone there knows why they are there. The ambience in these daycares defines what a child facility actually represents. More often than not, right from the gate, you will find a watchman (if it’s in a gated compound), a cleaner, a receptionist, a manager, a nurse, a nutritionist, trained caregivers and possibly an accountant. Some even have investors and boards of governors or committees!

You walk into these daycares and immediately notice the sanity around there. Interestingly, there could be babies around but at times you wouldn’t even notice. At that moment, you make a conscious decision to enrol your baby there regardless of the cost. These are the type of daycares that you don’t approach for a quick-fix, you would actually want to engage them for the foreseeable future. At times you find yourself showing up early at the facility just to enjoy a short stay before you pick your baby.

What makes these daycares stand out is the fact that their focus and impact is far more reaching than it actually appears. A glance at their mission, vision and values define who they are and what you should expect from them. The client base often spreads further than the parents living within their reach, to those visiting or working in companies (offices) within a reasonable distance.

Their curricula or programs are tailored for ages ranging from infants, toddlers and pre-school age. This kind of organization ensures babies get the best childhood development suitable for each age bracket. Additionally, they offer transport, night-care and open days for parents. To strengthen their portfolio and assure parents of their unrivaled capability, some partner with other service providers like hospitals, educational centers and security firms if need be.

Some of the daycares that could easily be considered to meet such standards include;

  1. Little Steps Childcare Solutions for Professionals – Westland Business Park, Westlands
    They offer programs for infants (3-12mo), toddlers (12-24mo), twos (24-36mo) and preschool-aged children (3-5yrs).
  2. Victoria Kids Care – Thika Road, Exit 7
    They Offer Daycare Services for the following Age groups:Infants ( 4 months-1 Year)
    Junior Toddlers ( 1-2 years)
    Senior Toddlers ( 2-3 Years)
  3. Mother Goose Baby Care-Kenya – Onyonka Estate, Langata
    The large center in Ongata Rongai offers daycare and pre-school services.  In addition they offer after school stay and holiday programs for children up to 10 years. The smaller Langata branch in Onyonka Estate, Nairobi (near Langata Hospital) only offers child-care services without teaching for all children from 5 months to 10 years.
  4. Conny’s Daycare – Peony Estate, Lavington
  5. Haven Daycare – South C
  6. Kids Palace Daycare – Great wall Apartments, Mlolongo/Syokimau
  7. Diamond Kids Kindergarten & Daycare – South B
  8. Playfarm Kindergarten & Daycare – Lavington
  9. Kids Playhouse Daycare – Sunrise Estate
  10. Green Lane Kindergarten & Daycare – Upper Hill

Worthy Mention
Crayons Daycare & Kindergarten – Shanzu Road, Kyuna
Crayons offer a happy, safe and loving environment for you to leave your children for the day. Our prices are reasonable, our staff is highly qualified and our in-home location provides a feeling of security and familiarity for the children.

In-home care for ages 6 months through Kindergarten, Separate nursery for babies to sleep and play
Breakfast, lunch and snacks provided (formula excluded), Montessori Curriculum designed for ready kids
Large outdoor playground with lots of toys

This Guest post was generously shared with us by http://www.estatedaycare.co.ke/ . If you wish to get more information on the daycare centers listed here, visit their website. They also provide further information on Kindergartens, listings for DayCare owners, playgroups and other children services.

Daycare centers in Kenya


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